Townsville: It’s really hot here.

It is so fortunate that my trip overlapped with my brother’s.

Jaryd and Jessica will be staying in Townsville for about 5 months and I travelled with them to spend the first 5 days with them.

First thing you notice is the heat. It is very heavy and humid.

Townsville is a pretty great city. It has a few quirks here and there but overall, there’s a lot going on up there. It is near the coast so sometimes, you will get an awesome cool ocean breeze. We stayed at the Holiday Inn for the 1st couple of nights whilst they did some house/apartment/flat/room hunting. Everyone we came across were super friendly! They checked out a few places but ended going with a house share. Although it was not what they had in mind, it is a good place and they are settling in well.

Their landlord was kind enough to let me use his spare mattress so I had a place to rest my head. As with any new city you move to, they explored and did all the “just moved here things”. Including getting a teensy bit lost at least once or twice.

We visited The Strand for a burger one evening and discovered what all the hype is about. On my final day, we went to Magnetic Island. It was a great last day. It involved smoothies, swimming in our clothes, swinging, a crazy bathroom, ants, entertaining birds and a generally relaxing day. Oh, and getting unexpectedly splashed on the ferry.

You can continue to follow their experience here:

The next morning, it was time for me to begin my [42+ hour] journey home. I will continue to post a few more write ups over the next little bit to talk about a few things that were left out in past posts.

– Kirsten 🙂


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